Granite 999 Fine Art Reproductions


We at Qoro are proud to state that our pricing has remained constant from 2005 until the present. If you are shopping for print services with a focus on pricing please take a moment to read Comparison Shopping for Print production services. This informative article defines the pricing practices we are aware of with-in the industry.

Imaging - The cost associated with imaging includes a high resolution image capture of the original artwork, color adjustments and one finished replica. Once the first proof has been presented to the artist we will include one revised replica at no additional charge. Our image pricing is based on the dimension of the original and calculated by the square inch. The following table includes pricing for some standard dimensions.

  8" X 10"…… $ 100.00
11" X 17" …… $ 150.00
16" X 20" …… $ 200.00
18" X 24" …… $ 250.00
24" X 30" …… $ 300.00
30" X 40" …… $ 350.00
40" X 60" …… $ 425.00
Over 40" X 60" please call.

Qoro Replicas- Printed on premium substrates with pigmented inks.

Paper ……   $.13 per square inch
Canvas …… $.15 per square inch

Digital work - Digital work includes producing prints from digital files or transparencies, cleaning artifacts from files, altering files, preparing digital files for other uses and additional color correcting beyond what is included in the initial imaging charge. Digital work is billed at $85.00 per hour charged in 15 minute increments.

- Available in Matt, Satin, and Gloss.
                On Paper - $.02 per square inch
                On Canvas - included in square inch price on canvas

- Your images burned on a CD, includes 1 TIFF file formatted in RGB, 1 TIFF file in formatted in CMYK (SWOP) and 1 JPEG.$10.00 per image.

- $15.00 Per slide

Qoro Replicas™ produced from digital files or transparencies

Replicas produced for the first time from either of these mediums are billed at $85.00 per hour plus the cost of the paper or canvas print. We can only provide estimates after we have reviewed the file or transparency.

Original Sales
- Our commission on original sales will be 25% of the sales price. Retail price will be set by the artist and any discounted offers will be reviewed by the artist before Qoro finalizes a sale.

Qoro Replicas
™ - Our commission for the retail sale of unpublished Qoro Replicas will be the difference between wholesale (to be determined by the artist) and retail.

Other prints and products
- Our commission for the retail sale of lithographs, other giclees or other products will be the difference between wholesale (to be determined by the artist) and retail.

Shipping and handling
- $12.00 handling plus the cost of shipping