Granite 999 Fine Art Reproductions


From Stacey Johnson, Delaware artist
“The people at Qoro are both very professional and friendly. Frank Davis was meticulous during the process of replicating my pieces. The prints were so close to the originals, if it weren’t for the fact that I produced the original work, I wouldn’t have suspected.”

From Donna N. Cusano, Delaware pastel artist
I started working with Qoro in 2003 and have been extremely pleased with their product, professionalism, and the down-to-earth relationships I've developed with everyone there. I always enjoy visiting the little house in New Castle, Delaware where the Qoro headquarters is based, whether to drop off a new image, preview a proof, or collect what I am assured will be an amazing replica of my original. I plan on working with Qoro in the future for all of my new releases.

From Cindy Urash, RLS Art limited, LLC, daughter of deceased artist Russel L. Snyder
Qoro has provided our company with the opportunity to share my father, Russel L. Snyder’s, artwork with a wider audience. The prints are extraordinary, museum quality reproductions from a first-rate company, that strives to meet the client’s needs in every way.

From Cindy A. Strunk, Pennsylvania Artist
On several occasions I have displayed my original acrylic painting “Sunset Moth” next to the framed Qoro Replica and the reaction from other artists was amazement. Many could not believe that the crisp yellows and oranges were not hand painted on the paper.

From Aubré Duncan, Delaware Artist
I cannot tell you how much I enjoy working with Qoro. First of all, the customer service is first class. I always get a fast and friendly answer to all my questions. The staff is willing to share any new information that they receive that may help me in my business. This is not something that they have to do at all, but are more than willing to see me succeed in my art career. The quality of the work is so impressive that I have no problem telling everyone about Qoro. They guarantee the work and there is not one company that can match the color in my artwork. Believe me, I have tried many companies in the past and was disappointed in the paper, longevity of the inks and color matching. Qoro comes through with flying colors on all of these. They also have a fast turnaround and are very helpful in choosing size and pricing for my artwork. The pricing is very competitive to other companies. I know that there are many fine artists that choose to print their own work. I ask all of them to be very careful. The papers and inks available to them are no way near the quality of what Qoro can offer. I personally, leave the printing to the professionals and that is Qoro. I highly recommend that you give them a try. You will not be disappointed.

From Anne Hanna, Delaware Artist
What a difference Qoro has made, I’m now selling five times as much work as before. Not only have Qoro Replicas made it possible for more people to enjoy my work, but conversely, I’ve found it easier to part with new originals that I’d like to keep for myself, because I can have an exact replica to hang on my own wall to enjoy as long as I want. Their quality, color brightness, nuance, and accuracy are so great, that I can’t tell the difference. I brought a couple of framed prints, along with some new work recently, to a gallery that didn’t accept prints and the owner said “Wow”. If some of my customers can’t afford $3,000 originals, they can buy virtually the same quality painting for a price they can afford. The fact that Qoro replicas are guaranteed to be light resistant clears a major hurdle for many clients who have experience with other printing processes. I can’t say enough for Qoro and its DuPont predecessor and what they have done for watercolor painting.

From Karl J. Kuerner, Jr., Pennsylvania Artist
Having been associated with Qoro for a number of years, it has been my pleasure to see them grow as a major force in the print market. I feel the Qoro Replicas are an extension of my artistic hand. They reach a far more number of people who love the arts. The pieces are true to the original and have a life-like feel. Qoro will become a household name in the print market.

From Mariya Rivera, Connecticut Artist
As a professional artist, I regard Qoro, LLC as one of my most trusted and valuable resources for several reasons. The accuracy of the Qoro technology defies belief, reproducing each original so exactly that viewers seem compelled to touch or smell the canvas or paper, even with images reduced by 66%. The combination of technology, quality of the pigments and supports also adds value by ensuring an affordable, reliably lasting product that I can enthusiastically market. Most of all, perhaps, I treasure the staff with whom I make contact-specifically, Kathy and Frank-because their collective expertise and personable, professional attitude foster confidence, creating a pleasurable, trustworthy business relationship.

From Loretta Curley, Maryland Artist
Qoro has been supplying me with museum quality replicas for 5 years. I paint with oils and reproduce my paintings on canvas in various sizes and also on watercolor paper which I use for bin sales. These replicas are digitally produced from the original artwork using pigment inks which do not fade. Proofs rarely need adjusting and service is friendly, very helpful and prompt. In my experience, Qoro’s technology and service are superior to what is available at any competitor in the Mid Atlantic area.

From Teresa Haman, Delaware Artist
Working with Qoro is wonderful. I love the way the Qoro process captures the rich, wide range of colors in my oil paintings. I then proof each replica very closely for accuracy, after which Qoro provides color corrections to ensure that the prints represent the ultimate intensity and drama found in my originals. I am always proud to frame, show and sell my breathtaking Qoro replicas.