Granite 999 Fine Art Reproductions

Image Capture

Although our imaging system is a critical part of the Granite process we will image your artwork for any purpose. The digital file created by our system is a superior starting point for giclées, lithographs or any other reproduction.

Traditionally artists used the photographic process to record their artwork. Transparencies were developed to use as a record of the work or to produce reproductions from. As is the case with most technological advancements better processes are developed and old technology is replaced with new.

To better understand the advantages of digital over traditional photography for art reproduction purposes it is best to have a basic understanding of the mechanics involved in the photographic process. For more information read digital versus traditional.

A digital file produced by Granite can be used for printing giclées, either with us or with a printer of your choice. It can even be used to produce prints on a smaller home system. A digital file can also be used by most conventional lithography printers for both prints and marketing materials. Digital files can be displayed on the web, stored on Cd's for a record of the work and used by most companies to manufacture products using licensed art for decorative purposes. Digital files can also be made into slides.