Granite 999 Fine Art Reproductions

Printing giclées

There are many reasons why artists authorize replication of their originals and not all of them are for marketing purposes. See Why print?

Printing has taken a dramatic turn since the early days of offset lithography. New technology and a print called the giclée has lowered the cost of offering replicas of your original work and the Print on Demand service that Granite offers allows the artist to order one print at a time. This alleviates the need to carry inventory. Some of the artists we work with offer up to 75 separate prints of their originals in a virtual space without maintaining any inventory at all. Prints are crafted and shipped to the artist only after an order has been placed.

The most distinct advantage of the giclée is the quality of the print. Technological advances in imaging, color management software, printers, inks and substrates has lead to prints that are stunningly beautiful and incredibly durable. In many cases the framed giclée is not only difficult to tell from the original artwork, but it may outlast it as well.

For the last 12 years we have worked diligently to identify the best possible process for crafting a giclée from your original art. We know our technology is excellent because our advisers and board members are some of the most prominent experts in the industry. Two other key factors set Qoro apart from other digital printers.

The first is our dedication to outstanding customer service. We insure that every customer experiences this dedication first hand. From the first contact with the company through receipt of your order and for years to come we are confident that your relationship with Granite will be memorable.

The second is master colorist and print-maker Frank Davis. Every piece of artwork, whether it be a masterpiece from Monet or the first print of an up and coming new artist, receives the same care and attention. As an artist, Frank can talk color in an artist's language and translate the artist's vision into technical applications.

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